Return to  The Search The Memorial wall plaque on the  side of a building  at one end of  Geisler Street in Brno Mother at the  Memorial Tablet at the Sokol building in Brno As a postscript................ I am now married to the daughter of the farmer who at the age of thirteen witnessed those terrible events of the 18th September 1944. Barbara is with me and no longer does that foreign field seem so far away.......... The Memorial in Nowosielce completely renovated with the addition of a brass tablet.  Unveiled on the 5th October 2004 The City of Brno in the Czech Republic has an historical encyclopaedia with an article relating to  my father. Click here to be taken to that site.

Visit of  the President of the Polish Republic Bronislaw Komorowski

on 2nd November 2010

The Memorial in Arisaig Scotland remembering all Czechoslovak soldiers who trained with the SOE in 1941/1942 and were later killed on operations.

Unveiled on the 11th November 2009